Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hifi Miscellany

Testing Sites

Tom Nousaine's test site

Ethan Winer's test site

NwAvGuy's test site/blog

The Audio Critic, critical writing and testing of hifi

General bibliography of hifi testing


Audiocheck, check out your hearing and see what really is audible

What can we hear?

Listening test of distortion


Testing of audibility of distortion caused by jitter

The Audio Critic on jitter

BBC Report on jitter

TNT audio on what is jitter?

Hydrogen Audio forum and a thread about the audibility og jitter

Benchmark Audio and their claims about jitter

Stereophile and their claims about jitter

Testing of claims about cables

St Andrews Uni, testing skin effect


C-net on there being no difference between HDMI cables

Test of HDMI cables

Another test with video games

One with lots of cables

ABX testing

Tests of cables

Spurious cable compnay claims

Atlas on directionality

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