Monday, 26 December 2011

How do audiophile cables work Part 6 - conclusion

Audiophile cables do work to make different people's hifi systems sound different some of the time. The cause is not inherant in the cables itself, its construction or materials.

Instead, as much as many audiophiles hate the idea, cables affect sound quality only when they operate in conjuction with other senses, particulary sound. That is proven by the consistently different results obtained by sighted, blind comparison and ABX testing.

That is further corroborated by the differing reports on what cables sound like, a subjective issue in any case. If a specific type of cable had a specific linked effect which the majority could hear, we could say that there must be something within a cable which makes it sound objectively different. But even after 40 years of research nothing has been identified by any cable company.

Resistance may also play a part as resitance causes attenuation, attenuation affects volume and volume affects sound quality. But that will never sell cables as you can achieve the same effect with the volume control on your amp.

My advice would be to buy from the pro audio world which has not been affected by pseudoscience and myth and prices are far more reasonable. 

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